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Shoe Box Dioramas--North American Landscapes

Thematic Teacher

Educational Materials for Literacy Through Art, Science, and Social Studies.

Use these high resolution (150 dpi) clip art pieces to help your students build colorful dioramas using shoe boxes.  If you are a teacher author, sharing and/or selling teacher-to-teacher on sites like Teachers Pay Teachers, you may use the clip art to create materials to sell for those specific types of commercial purposes.

Diorama:  North American Landscapes 



I usually liked to have my students make their own diorama backgrounds, but sometimes the effort is best spent on creating the display rather than the background.  In that case, these ten clip art landscape backgrounds may be helpful.  Each background comes in four pieces—left side, back, right side, and ground.  The images are formatted to fit a shoe box, but may be stretched to fit any size box, as long as your printer can print the size needed.  These landscapes have been used in shoe boxes up to 14” wide, when printed on legal sized paper.  They are saved at the size of 14” wide, 7” high, and 6” deep, at 150 dpi so that they will be sharp and crisp at large sizes, even when stretched.  

Printing a background for each student at a standard printer setting requires a lot of ink, but the clip art looks good on most printers when printed at a draft or fast mode.  The sample shoe boxes in the display images and in the preview were printed this way.  It saves LOTS of time and ink! 
The landscapes included in this package include:

  • Autumn Woods
  • Desert
  • Forest Clearing
  • Meadow Pond
  • Mountain Lake
  • Ocean Dunes
  • Prairie Grass
  • Salt Marsh
  • Snowy Hill
  • Stockade

Directions are also included for using Microsoft ™ Publisher to resize each piece to fit a specific sized box.  Publisher is a great formatting program, and most school districts have a license for the software.  If you don’t have it on your computer, your IT person can probably get it for you.  The directions are mainly for your information, but they may be used with older students to walk them through the process.

If you are looking for images of plants and animals that students may use to enhance their dioramas, you might check out Natural Resources Magnetic & Flannel Board Printable.  It’s free, and although it’s not clip art (so not easily resized), students can cut off the black or white bubbles on the outside of the picture, fold a section of the bottom part under, and glue it on the diorama “ground” to make a free-standing figure.