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I began teaching in high school, when I got my first job as an aide in a neighborhood day care center. My second day on the job it was just me (16 years old) and 24 four year olds. I loved that job! I began a long career of learning, observing, evaluating, constructing, redoing, changing, inventing, growing, making, and living, back there at that preschool. During the 33 years I spent working in schools, 26 of them were spent as a general education classroom teacher. 
I also spent 4 years working as a support teacher (resource specialist and intervention teacher) and 3 years as a special day class teacher, working with middle school and preschool students. I enjoy diversity and change, so I rarely taught the same grade level two years in a row, and more than half of my career was spent in multi-graded classrooms. This gives me a pretty broad perspective!

Children learn through play.  These thematic educational materials for teachers  contain artifacts, games, projects, and real life activities to help students learn efficiently, effectively, and experientially.

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