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The Mayflower:  Display Cards  

unit support Materials

16 Display Cards, modeled after museum plaques, describe the Mayflower for beginning readers.  (Four reading levels are included in the set--K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8.)

Natural Resources of Colonial America

Classroom Center

Explore the natural resources used by the early American colonists on the East Coast of North America with these fun games and activities.

Thematic Teacher

Thematic Units And Materials For Preschool-elementary School

Bird Nest Exploration

An integrated Thematic Unit

This Literacy Through Science unit provides materials along with lesson plans that will get your little ones into their hunting hats and off on a discovery adventure!

Preschool-First Grade

Thematic units and materials with reading support for emergent readers

Savanna Safari  

Classroom Museum

Turn a corner of your classroom into a mini museum where students can explore life on the African savanna.


Classroom Museum

Build a rainforest right in your own classroom, and let your students explore the plants and animals found in these amazing wonders of nature!

Thematic Teacher

Educational Materials for Literacy Through Art, Science, and Social Studies.

Plant Press

Science Tool

Science centers are a wonderful way to foster student interest and curiosity.  Collect materials and solicit help from your students' parents to create a classroom plant press, or two, that will last a lifetime.  They are made of pine shelving, bolts, washers, wing nuts, and cardboard.  It's a project a lot of dads like to do, who can't normally help in the room.


Classroom Setup Materials

Rainforests are the richest areas of life on our planet.  Use these colorful, realistic materials to bring a little rainforest right into your own classroom!