Thematic Teacher

Educational Materials for Literacy Through Art, Science, and Social Studies.

The Mayflower

A Classroom Research Center

A storehouse full of primary sources (there are a few secondary sources as well) to make a research center in your classroom!

Savanna Safari  

Classroom Museum

Turn a corner of your classroom into a mini museum where students can explore life on the African savanna.

Art of the Pennsylvania Dutch

ELA/MATH/ ART Thematic Unit

Students explEore the genre of Pennsylvania Dutch folk artists through language arts, math, and art studies.

Plant Press

Science Tool

Science centers are a wonderful way to foster student interest and curiosity.  Collect materials and solicit help from your students' parents to create a classroom plant press, or two, that will last a lifetime.  They are made of pine shelving, bolts, washers, wing nuts, and cardboard.  It's a project a lot of dads like to do, who can't normally help in the room.

Historical Flags of the United States

Classroom Center

Students read, examine, evaluate, and research information using research and task cards, worksheets, and activities as they discover historical flags of the US.

Ancient Rock Art

Classroom museum

Set up a classroom mini museum, complete with artifact replicas, where students can practice rock carvings, and design their own cave painting images.

Ancient Rock Art

ELA THematic Unit

Students read and write in the travel genre, as they learn about the beautiful paintings and carvings, made by aboriginal people, all around the world.

Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas Stockings

Christmas Craft

The German settlers in Pennsylvania were the first Europeans in the early American colonies to develop their own style of art.  Students will read about the people, study their art style, and create a piece of art, using a stencil, that communicates a message.


Classroom Setup Materials

Rainforests are the richest areas of life on our planet.  Use these colorful, realistic materials to bring a little rainforest right into your own classroom!


Classroom Museum

Build a rainforest right in your own classroom, and let your students explore the plants and animals found in these amazing wonders of nature!

Natural Resources of Colonial America

Classroom Center

Explore the natural resources used by the early American colonists on the East Coast of North America with these fun games and activities.

Golden Rule

THematic Materials

The Golden Rule, "Treat others as you want them to treat you," has been a standard of behavior in societies around the world for thousands of years.  This set of lesson plans and materials will help your students identify and practice this important attitude.

May Day Flowers

ELA thematic unit

This set of materials is an integrated Language Arts thematic unit which gives your students the opportunity to learn more about the origins of May Day celebrations, and the function of flowers.

Nessie, of the Loch

ELA thematic unit

If you're looking for something to fire up the troops, send your students on a scientific expedition to Loch Ness, virtually, of course, with this integrated, thematic unit about the mysterious Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster.

Elementary:  Grades 4-6

Thematic materials developing "reading to learn" skills in independent readers