Classroom Museum

Build an African savanna right in your own classroom, and let your students explore the plants and animals found in this amazing biome!

Classroom volunteers may help you create materials for students to "play" with in your museum. The following items are "in the works":

  • Maps of savannas around the world:  PS-1, Grades 2-3; Grades 4-6
  • Mural Directions
  • Museum Activities
  • Parent newsletter to help you gather and make the materials to stock your museum
  • Flannel/Magnetic Board images

Text materials come in three levels (K-1, grades 2-3, grades 4-5).  All activities listed below will be included in the
bundle, but may also be purchased individually.

Savanna Mural
Turn a corner of your classroom into an African savanna where your kids can wonder, explore, and investigate life on these amazing rolling, grassy plains.  Step-by-step directions show you how to build a beautiful mural on your classroom wall.  Create it before beginning the unit to create excitement, or make it with your students as you learn about the land, climate, plants and animals of this biome.

Savanna Sorting Mats and Cards

Savanna Animal Masks/Puppets

These animal images can be used two ways.  Print just the images, cut out the eyes, and your students can "be" the animals.  Print the images on the front, and the corresponding information on the back and your kiddos will have interesting items to read, as well as puppets to "play" with.

Savanna Sorting Mats and Cards
Bring the African savanna to your classroom with these self-checking Plants and Animals of the Savanna Study Cards and Sorting Mats.  Students of all ages can learn about the natural resources of the African savanna with these realistic photographs and whimsical mats which make learning complex concepts easy.

The following items are now available separately.

Savanna Plants and Animals Museum Display Cards

Twenty-four posters at three different reading levels (K-1, 2-3, 4-5) describe plants and animals of the African Savanna.  They may be used on a computer (no printing involved), mounted on your classroom wall, or bound together to make a book.  Images are from the public domain or Creative Commons license.

Savanna Animal Families Matching Puzzles

Students match and read puzzle pieces to learn about the gender names of 15 animal families of the African savanna. They will use sight words a, mother, father, baby, and is, as they read these puzzles.

Savanna Sorting Mats and Cards

Savanna--Maps, Mural, & Mini Museum

Savanna Magnetic and Flannel Board Figures
Flannel boards may seem a little old fashioned, but kids love them.  They can use them to make up stories, plan out settings, share information they have learned, and "interact" with the beautiful plains of the African savanna.  Two products contain plant, animal, and geographical features which can be printed for classroom use.  More information.


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