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Educational Materials for Literacy Through Art, Science, and Social Studies.

Back to School Files

Off to a Good Start
Your students can learn about and practice the Golden Rule with this free set of thematic materials.

Curriculum Planning

A rough draft of a booklet explaining one way to integrate subject area.  It explains how to use the following Planning Pages
A shorter version of the booklet explaining how to use the above planning pages
Use these forms to help you organize your content to better integrate all subject areas throughout the year.

Learner's Workshop Plan Book--choose your version:

Things to Do Checklist

Include this page in your new plan book, or just make a personalized check off list for the gazillion things you have to do.  Click on a text box, select the text you want to change and retype your own list.

Just for Fun
Learner's Workshop Back to School Kit

Since you have about a gazillion things to do in getting your classroom set up for the new year, help yourself to a little treat.  Themed on "The Learner's Workshop", these materials include reward tickets, incentive charts, note paper, classroom letter head, a template for a class newsletter, and other things, maybe not needed, but fun to have.  I hope they'll give you a lift!

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