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Ancient Rock Art
This is the art component of the thematic unit.  It contains the art prints, classification game, timeline, and art project directions.  Students will examine the art prints, classify 31 rock art images, and carve their own petroglyph on a plaster rock they make.  This component works particularly well with studies of native people.

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Reading & Writing in the Travel Genre
This is the language arts component of the thematic unit.  It contains the student readers, vocabulary materials, "Point of Interest" cards and poster, reading and writing worksheets, and a word processing template for publication of student writings in a class Tour Guide.

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Students will read, write, sort, classify, explore, create, analyze, and explain ancient rock art as they read and write in the travel genre.  Appropriate for grades 3-5, this integrated thematic unit will take 2-5 days to complete.  The educational materials include reading, writing, science, math and social studies lessons.  146 pages

The unit materials include

  • Travel Tour Guide:  a student reader in two versions (grades 3-4, and grades 5-6).  Both levels can be used in the same class, 16 pages
  • Reading Worksheets (2)
  • Vocabulary Bookmarks (2 reading levels) and Study Cards (24), which highlight unit specific words
  • Point of Interest Cards (10):  written in the travel genre, the cards describe important rock art sites around the world
  • Writing Process Worksheets (5)
  • Art Prints (18)
  • Timeline of Rock Art Poster
  • Art Project Directions (3):  walk the students through making, painting, and carving a piece of rock art
  • Graphs 'N Glyphs Art Classification Board Game, with 31 images for classifying
  • Science Projects (2):  explore and experiment with rock porosity, and the removal of a patina from a penny
  • Math Projects (2):  compare metric with standard units of linear measure, and walk students through creating a life sized mural image from a scaled drawing
  • Map Study Cards (10):  provide practice with recognizing landmasses, countries,

Thematic Teacher

Educational Materials for Literacy Through Art, Science, and Social Studies.

Ancient Rock Art

ELA Thematic Unit

Use these educational materials to take your students on a "world tour" of ancient rock art with this exciting and engaging thematic unit.