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Emergent & Beginning Readers

High Frequency Words--Bingo Games
Each of the following Bingo games covers 25 of the first 250 high frequency words.  Use them in centers or small groups.  There are 8 different Bingo cards in each game.  I like to use circle cereal as game markers!

Bingo Words 1-25

Bingo Words 26-50

Bingo Words 51-75

Bingo Words 76-100

Bingo Words 101-125

Bingo Words 126-150

Bingo Words 151-175

Bingo Words 176-200

Bingo Words 201-225

Bingo Words 226-250

High Frequency Words Concentration Games
Students can play these engaging games in small groups or as a center activity.  Each game features 25 of the first 250 high frequency words.  I've only had one student in all my years who wasn't actively engaged by Concentration!

Concentration Words 1-25

Concentration Words 26-50

Concentration Words 51-75

Concentration Words 76-100

Concentration Words 101-125

Concentration Words 126-150

Concentration Words 151-175

Concentration Words 176-200

Concentration Words 201-225

Concentration Words 226-250

High Frequency Words Flashcards

These long flashcards can be used to play many games.  (See my blog for a few suggestions.)  Each set contains 25 of the first 300 high frequency words.

Flashcards Words 1-25

Flashcards Words 26-50

Flashcards Words 51-75

Flashcards Words 76-100

Flashcards Words 101-125

Flashcards Words 126-150

Flashcards Words 151-175

Flashcards Words 176-200

Flashcards Words 201-225

Flashcards Words 226-250

Flashcards Words 251-275

Flashcards Words 276-300

High Frequency Words Record Keeping

You can use these Testing Strips and Record Keeping sheets to chart the progress of your kiddos throughout the year.

High Frequency Words Testing Strips

High Frequency Words Record Sheets

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Flannel and Magnetic Boards

Ted Geisel's Birthday
Theodor Seuss Geisel  Information and directions to make a tall striped hat to help you celebrate the birthday of this great and favorite author.

Flashcard Games

The following flash card games can be used at any grade level to learn, practice, or review subject matter in are curricular area--reading, writing, math, science, social studies, health, etc.  They are a great way to review for standardized tests, too!

Cake Walk

Choose and Pick

Classroom Baseball


Flash Card Hangups

Flash Card Relays

Go Fish

Human Game Board

Multiuse Game Boards

Musical Chairs

Penny Pitch

Send a Card


Spell and Say

Treats on a Card

Flashcard Games Flip Pack  Get a copy of 12 flash card games that you can print, cut apart, and bind with a clip ring.  Use them as instructions for parent volunteers, or at centers.

15 Reasons to use Flashcards