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Make Your Own Artifacts
Make your own plaster artifacts for students to "play" with in your classroom social studies or art center.  Step-by-step directions walk you (or a parent volunteer) through the 10-30 minute process required to make each of the items shown.

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Rock Art Card Game
Students make a book in this "Go Fish" game by matching an ancient rock art image with a satellite image of the country and continent where the art is found.  The game reinforces recognition of rock art as well as associations of countries with their continents.

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​​Set up an enriching classroom museum where your students can explore ancient rock art.  Step-by-step directions are included in these educational materials to help you (or volunteers) make plaster artifacts for your students to use. 

Artifacts include:
  • a mortar (you'll need to supply a rock for the pestle)
  • a stone "rock" your students can carve into a bowl
  • plaster petroglyphs
  • a replica of the "Blombos Stone"
  • a replica of a stone carved with cupules
  • several stones for your students to carve on
  • 15 Museum Display Cards, patterned after museum information plaques

Museum activities include:
  • Continental Tracing Maps allow students to make their own maps by observing the satellite images included in the unit
  • A set of continents in proportionalrelationship to each other are included as well.
  • "Go Fish" Game, where students match a piece of rock art with the country and continent where it is found
  • Geography Study Cards to help reinforce recognition of landmasses
  • Satellite Image Maps
  • Student Project/Task Cards suggest projects that use commonly found items

There are also step-by-step directions on how to make a mural on which students will add their own paintings, and a newsletter to help you solicit help from your students' parents.

These educational materials are appropriate for grades 3-5, 104 pages, 20 MB.
however I have used the artifacts with students from preschool through eighth grade.

All of the following materials are included in this Museum Bundle.       

Ancient Rock Art

Classroom museum

Create materials for students to "play" with as they learn more about early human art, native people, or the rock cycle through a classroom museum focused on ancient rock art.

Rock Art Task Cards
These 14 ancient rock art  task cards suggest projects using items commonly found in classroom and on school playgrounds.  Students may research extinct animals, make their own painting tools using natural objects, make their own pigment and attempt to paint with it, and design a rock art theme park using these educational materials

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Thematic Teacher

Educational Materials for Literacy Through Art, Science, and Social Studies.

Cave Mural Directions
Step-by-step directions help teachers create a "cave" in their classrooms.  A "Read and Follow the Directions" sheet which walks students through the process of painting a rock art image on the mural. May also be used in the study of cave life, the rock cycle, and the stone age.  It can be made the "easy" way using just brown butcher paper, or the "hard" way using painted white butcher paper.  Directions for painting smooth cave wall, and rocks, are included in these educational materials..

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