Bird Nest Exploration

An integrated Thematic Unit

Children are fascinated by nature, and this mini thematic unit gives your little explorers a chance to observe, discover, and learn about the amazing bird nests inhabiting the bushes and trees of their neighborhoods!  This Literacy Through Science unit provides educational materials along with lesson plans that will get your little ones into their hunting hats and off on a discovery adventure!

Thematic Teacher

Educational Materials for Literacy Through Art, Science, and Social Studies.

This mini thematic unit includes the following educational materials:

  •  Lesson Plans:  Lesson plan sheet, and listing of common core objectives covered by the unit
  •  Build a Nest:  Students read and follow directions to make a nesting "box", and then collect natural materials from the playground to create a nest inside.  (2 versions:  preschool-kindergarten, grades 1-3)
  •  Nest Posters:  Five posters will give your students nests to observe if you don't have access to a real nest.
  •  Science Study Cards:  Each card identifies an item often used in nest building.  On the back of the card, simple text names and describes the item.
  •  Little Robin Red Breast Finger Puppet:  Students read and follow directions to make a finger puppet.  (2 versions:  preschool-kindergarten, grades 1-3)
  •  Five Little Robins Finger Play and Board Story:  Includes the finger play and images for magnetic boards or flannel boards.
  •  Five Little Robins Student Reader:  A quarter-page version of the finger play for beginning and emergent readers.
  •  What's in a Nest game:  Students move around a game board, collecting items to complete a nest.
  •  Vocabulary Flashcards
  •  Math Activities:
  •  Bird Nest Treats (Recipe):  Students will make individual batches of the yummy treat by following directions on the recipe card.  (2 versions:  preschool-kindergarten, grades 1-3)
  •  Regrouping Game:  Students roll a die and add a "worm" (unit block) to each bird in the nest.  When reaching 10 "worms" they trade the unit blocks for a ten stick and place it with a parent bird.  First player to reach 100 "worms" wins.
  •   Bird Nest Boxes:  for counting, matching, or sorting activities.

Center Activities:

  •         Bird Nest Book List
  •         Center Idea List
  •         Sequence Cards
  •         Five Little Robins Flannel/Magnetic Board characters
  •         Parts of a Bird puzzle

This unit is appropriate for preschool through second grade.