Step-by-step, illustrated directions make it easy for you, or a classroom volunteer, to make a sturdy, wooden plant press (or two) for your science center.  They are easy for students to use and will last a life time!

This little booklet walks students through making a terrarium for your classroom.  It equates each step of the process with a corresponding characteristic of the rainforest.  It makes a lovely home for those little critters they bring in to observe, and a nice artifact of the unit for Open House.

​​Rainforest Sorting Mats and Cards

These educational materials for teachers teach students about the plants and animals of the rainforest.  Subjects include Diurnal/Nocturnal, Plant Adaptations, Where Does it Live?, Animal Classification, and Rainforests Around the World.  Students sort the self checking cards to learn.

Classroom Museum

Use these educational materials to build a rainforest right in your own classroom, and let your students explore the plants and animals found in these amazing wonders of nature!

Classroom volunteers may help you create replicas of artifacts for students to "play" with in your museum.  Instructions are included for:

  • Plant press
  • Table cloth to represent the forest floor
  • Terrarium
  • Wonder Tree

When you purchase the complete bundle (all the materials shown below)  you will also get:

  • Maps of rainforests around the world:  PS-1, Grades 2-3; Grades 4-6
  • Parent newsletter to help you gather the materials to stock your museum
  • Flannel/Magnetic Board images

Text materials come in three levels (preschool-grade 1, grades 2-3, grades 4-6.
  All activities listed below are included in the bundle, but may also be purchased individually

Rainforest--Maps, Mural, & Mini Museum

Thematic Teacher

Educational Materials for Literacy Through Art, Science, and Social Studies.

​​Museum Display Cards

These wall cards are patterned after the information plagues found in museums.  They describe interesting plants and animals of the rainforest, and come in 3 reading levels:  Preschool, Primary, and Elementary.

The following educational materials are included, but also available separately.

​​Rainforest Task Cards

These attractive center task cards suggest projects for students to do to learn more about life in the rainforest.  There are 2 different sets with18 cards in each set:  grades 2-3, and grades 4-6.  (Many of the cards are appropriate for both levels.  Choose the ones that best fit the level of your class.)

​​Animal Masks/Puppets

These animal images can be used two ways.  Print just the images, cut out the eyes, and your students can "be" the animals.  Print the images on the front, and the corresponding informational article on the back and your kiddos will have interesting items to read, as well as puppets to "play" with.

Rainforest Mural Directions

Step-by-step directions on how to build a classroom mural of a rainforest, made of butcher paper, construction paper, cutouts (included), and silk plants.  The mural directions include information for creating a stage backdrop.