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Math Worksheets Land  Julia, a retired teacher has been working HARD to create thousands of worksheets for your use.  They are all FREE and are great to use with parent volunteers because they provide specific directions that walk them through each step of the problem.  Check 'em out!

Math Worksheets  If you're looking for worksheets, check out Math!  They are loaded!

Protractor  Print, laminate, and cut these protractors for student use.  You can give them one to keep at home, and one for school!

Ruler  These 7 inch/17 cm rulers can be printed on card stock.  Send them home, give everyone a ruler for their desk, and one to keep in their backpack.  They resemble the rulers used on standardized tests, so your students will be very comfortable with them by the time testing arrives.

Thermometer  Student practice thermometers for small and large groups

Basic Facts Flashcards
Addition Flashcards
Subtraction Flashcards
Multiplication Flashcards
Division Flashcards

Making and Using Flashcards  Information sheet for parents

Math Facts Charts
Addition & Subtraction
Multiplication & Division

Bugs' Life of Doubles  Addition Doubles Game by Peace and Blessings.  A cute idea for a center game working on addition of double numbers.

Coins Clip Art  US Coins for games, worksheets, materials

Money Monuments  Let your kiddos find out who's on our currency.  Two levels:   2-3 grades coins only (page 1) and 4-6 grades, coins and bills (pages 2-3).

Base Ten Clip Art  This set of clip art contains 4 sets of base ten blocks (white, blue, red, and yellow) containing 1 unit block, 2 10 sticks, 1 100 block, and a 1,000 cube.  Use them to make your own game cards, worksheets, and test review materials.  300 dpi with transparent backgrounds.

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