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Seasons and Holiday Files


                                           Colorful Turkeys  Read and follow directions to make a greeting card, decoration, or large seasonal flash card.

                                           Thanksgiving Pinterest Board

                                           First Thanksgiving Art Prints

                                           A Mayflower Research Center


Joy to the Woods! Note Cards   Type a message into the note cards and send them to colleagues, students, parents, and classroom volunteers.  They will fit inside invitation envelopes, available at WalMart(R) and other stores.

Magic Elf Mix Recipe  Directions for individually made batches of yummy candy in 3 reading levels.  Includes wall size posters for whole class instruction.​

Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas Stocking  Cut and Paste, Read and Follow Directions craftivity.

                                             Reading Level, grades 2-3

                                             Reading Level, grades 4-5

Gingerbread People  Cut and Paste, read and follow the directions to make greeting card, decoration, or seasonal flashcards.

Snowy Winter Goodie Boxes  Make your own goodie boxes for a Christmas or winter treat to a friend.

Christmas Pinterest Board

Winter "Read and Follow Directions" art projects and flash cards. 

December Calendar Pieces  Use with a 3" pocket chart.

January Calendar Pieces  Use with a 3" pocket chart.

February Calendar Pieces  Use with a 3" pocket chart.

Snow Day Postcards  Programmable postcards for classroom use.

Snow Day Game Board  Multiuse game board to use with flash cards.  Includes programmable game cards.

Snowy Winter Goodie Boxes  Make your own goodie boxes for a Christmas or winter treat to a friend.

Yarn Snowballs  Directions for making yarn snowballs, great for indoor activities--they are so light weight they won't go far and they rarely knock anything over.  Use them yourself, give them to students, or have classroom volunteers make you a set.

Helping Hands Bulletin Board

Winter Pinterest Board

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Writing Pages, K-6   Five levels of writing paper included.  Use the one appropriate to your needs.

Martin Luther King Poster

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Puppet  Kiddos make a pop-up puppet using the image included and a toilet paper tube.

Valentine's Day

Valentine Candy Heart Bingo Cards  Looking for a fun and easy card to give your students for Valentine's Day?  Download 32 candy heart Bingo game cards, and the programmable student message you can print on the backs of each card.  The only other thing you'll need is a bag of candy hearts, or a box of hearts for each student.  Your kids will love playing with each other after they open their cards!

Valentine Tic Tac Toe Cards  Here's a special card to give your students for Valentine's Day.  You can write a personalized message on the back, and the kids can play a fun game with each other!

Valentine Bookmarks  Type a personal message to each of your students, or use the personalized messages already included on the 32 unique bookmarks.  Nobody in your class will get the same message or the same bookmark!

Valentine Hearts Art Project  Let your students read and follow these directions to make a fancy heart to use as a gift, a card, or to make wall cards for February skill practice.

Valentine's Day Pinterest Board

President's Day

Abraham Lincoln Writing Paper, K-6   Five levels of writing paper included.  Use the one appropriate to your needs.

Abe's Muddy Footprints  A story about Lincoln that all kids can relate to!  Includes public domain images of Abe and his step-mom.

George Washington Writing Paper, K-6  Five levels of writing paper included.  Use the one appropriate to your needs.

Money Monuments  Let your kiddos find out who's on our currency.  Two levels:   2-3 grades coins only (page 1) and 4-6 grades, coins and bills (pages 2-3).

Theodor Seuss Geisel's Birthday

Theodor Seuss Geisel  Information and directions to make a tall striped hat to help you celebrate the birthday of this great and favorite author.

Spring "Read and Follow Directions" art projects and flash cards. 

April Showers Incentive Charts

April Showers Postcards for Classroom Use

The Growth of a Writing Project by Erin Morrison  is a cute spring bulletin board idea to help students understand the stages of the writing process.

Saint Patrick's Day

Leprechaun Pocket Peeker  Keep your kids "safe" this year with the leprechaun pocket peeker.  Colored and black and white versions are included.  Kids tuck them in their pockets for a little bit of green.

Leapin' Leprechauns Game Board  Use this multiuse game board with any set of flashcards you want your children to practice.  You may also use it with test review pages to help your kids prepare for standardized testing.  Pages are included for you to make your own game cards.  (Original version, not updated.)

Saint Patrick's Day Pinterest Board


Bird Nest Baskets  These sweet little baskets are sturdy, simple, and easy to make, and they are strong enough to hold a couple chicken eggs, and plenty of jelly beans or small chocolate eggs.  Students read and follow the directions.  3 reading levels.

Hatching Eggs  Information on hatching eggs in the classroom.  Four blog postings give advice about what to hatch, and how to start.

Easter Pinterest Board

May Day

May Day Flowers   This integrated language arts thematic unit was written to be a sample of the units I like to write.  It contains a number of activities that help children learn about the origins and traditions of May Day, as well as the parts of a flower and the function of each part.  I hope you'll find this unit productive and educational!  (It's a big file, so please be patient as it downloads.)

Flower Basket  Read and Follow Directions craft.


                              Grades 2-3

                              Grades 4-5

Cinco de Mayo

Cinnamon Crispas  Here's a little background information, and a recipe for yummy Crispas to make with your kiddos.

Flag Day

Historical Flags of the United States is an 11X17sized poster.  Many of the flags are from the colonial period of the United States.  Students can observe characteristics, identify similarities and differences, and analyze changes over time.  Can be made on letter size paper OR ledger size paper.
Letter Sized Poster        Ledger Sized Poster

Historical Flags of the US  You can get the whole unit FREE by clicking right here.  It has the poster (right),

  • research cards and worksheet,
  • task cards,
  • the Story of Betsy Ross, and
  • the Betsy Ross Star activity.

Summer "Read and Follow Directions" art projects and flash cards. 

Independence Day

Sparklers  Your students can make sparkly sparkler wall cards.  Use them on your classroom wall, or staple them onto straws and store in a can (cover included).  Use them to play lots of flashcard games, make greeting cards, or decorate your classroom.

Holiday Pinterest Board