Rainforest Yearly Calendar 

These educational materials work with calendar pocket charts.  There are 13 sets of daily markers (1-31), so you can make simple to complex patterns each month using several of the images.   Year Labels, Month Titles, Day Titles, and a "Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow Calendar" are also included in the set.

Classroom Design

Rainforests are the richest areas of life on our planet.  Use these colorful, realistic educational materials for teachers to bring a little rainforest right into your own classroom!

  • Helpers Job Chart:  This comes in two versions, Primary (preschool-1st grade) and Elementary (2nd-6th grade).  May be customized using the Word Docs files.
  • Yearly Calendar:  Monthly titles, 12 sets of 31 daily markers, Days, and Years (to 2018)  Includes a weekly "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Calendar".
  • -20-+20 Number Line
  • Goal Achievement Bulletin Board:  Directions (teacher and student) for creating a goal tracking and evaluation bulletin board, which results in a wonderful Open House display of student achievement.  This item is only suitable for grades 3-5.
  • Desk Plates, Door Sign, Passes, Reward Tickets:  Customize these materials for your own classroom.

Materials can be purchased individually or as a bundle.

The following items are also available separately:

Thematic Teacher

Educational Materials for Literacy Through Art, Science, and Social Studies.

Rainforest Fun Stuff 4 Teachers

You can use these colorful support materials to finish off your classroom rainforest theme.  They aren't essential, but they are fun to have!

‚ÄčHelpers Job Charts 

Each student is represented by a rainforest animal, which is hung on the rubber tree leaf next to his job for the week.  A wall box is included for storing the student images when not in use.  The charts are 24"-48" tall, depending on how many pieces you use.  There are 2 versions:  primary (PS-2) and Elementary (3-5).

Rainforest Classroom Setup Materials