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Art for Special Needs Children

How Art can Benefit Children with Learning Disabilities by Ed Carter

Cut and Paste
Groundhog Puppet  This project also requires a little painting.

The Following items are all "Read and Follow Directions" activities I made for reading classes.  The students made monthly themed flashcards which we hung on the wall and played with throughout the month.  (The Display Tree shows many of the projects.)  These are all good activities for making greeting cards, as well as practicing the skill of reading directions and images. 

Chalkboard Slates
Gingerbread Man
Golden Coins   Here's a little Pot o' Gold to hold the coins on your wall. ( Ledger Size)

Christmas Stocking--Pennsylvania Dutch Design:  Grades 2-3          Grades 4-6


Fall Leaves

Yarn Snowballs Make a basketful of yarn snowballs for a little winter fun!

Snowy Winter Goodie Boxes--Make your own goodie boxes for a Christmas or winter treat to a friend.

I am not an artist, nor have I had very much art training, but I took a class in oil painting where I learned enough to create very nice images.  My teacher, Leticia, taught us 2 things--how to mix colors, and how to apply paints.  Using these two simple ideas, I found I could teach children basic painting skills which produced lovely classroom murals.  I have shared these techniques with other teachers to reach the same outcome; even preschoolers can do many of these things.  If you want to make abstract ideas more concrete for your students, and teach them some basic art skills at the same time, you may find these articles helpful. 

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