This clip art was created to help teachers prepare classroom materials for their own private use, and to use on products created and sold by individual educators only.  Purchase of this collection gives you a single user license.  The graphics may not be redistributed, sold or resold “as is”, or as a part of any clip art collection.  They may not be the primary purpose of your product, but may be used to enhance it.  The images must be flattened to the page, such as on a PDF document.  They may be used

  •     To decorate your classroom, including bulletin boards (images may be used to create names, labels, center games)
  •     In educational materials that you (individually) create for your own personal use, to give away or to sell in a teacher-to-teacher forum, provided the images are securely flattened to the page, as in a PDF document
  •     For communication within the context of the school site such as on printed letters or forms to parents or colleagues
  •     To create gifts for school employees or classroom volunteers (credit must be given for this purpose)

Credit is appreciated, but not required (except as stated above):
                                   Clip Art provided by ThematicTeacher.com

Eyelet--Borders & Frames

Thematic Teacher

Educational Materials for Literacy Through Art, Science, and Social Studies.

Use these high resolution (300 dpi) clip art pieces to build your own classroom materials.  Make game cards, sorting cards, flashcards, worksheets, matching games, concentration games, and all kinds of activities for your classroom.  If you are a teacher author, sharing and/or selling teacher-to-teacher on sites like Teachers Pay Teachers, you may use the clip art for those specific types of commercial purposes.

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 Use these eyelet borders and frames to dress up your classroom materials and teaching products!  Images include:

  •     9 borders
  •     9 rectangular frames with solid colored centers
  •     9 rectangular frames with transparent centers
  •     9 square frames with solid colored centers
  •     9 square frames with transparent centers

The images are all 300 DPI (or larger) for clear, crisp printing.  Black line versions are included for use on worksheets and other items to be duplicated on a copier.  Purchase of the clip art set includes a single user license to teachers who are selling their items directly to other teachers on sites such as
Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook.

I hope you'll find these images charming, and easy to use!